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FCA Power Baseball  - A Division of Northern Virginia FCA Baseball
Established 2001

About FCA Power Teams
FCA Power Baseball Teams, a division of Northern Virginia FCA Baseball, serves teams consisting of coaches, athletes and parents united in their desire to grow as a team in their relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they develop and demonstrate the character values of integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence both in sports and life while influencing others in their communities for Christ and encouraging them to do the same.

FCA Power Purpose and Objectives
We exist to significantly impact the sports community by developing athletes and coaches into teams that demonstrate leadership and play with character, passion and excellence while emphasizing the growth of body, mind and spirit through the game of baseball.

To build an unprecedented athletic environment that:

1. Presents programs that shape character and create role models

2. Positively and significantly impacts athletes, coaches, parents, families, officials, leagues, tournaments, and communities

3. Establishes and sustains a venue to develop and demonstrate the principles of character, leadership service and excellence, both in sports and life.

FCA Power Philosophy
All those in FCA Teams will be involved in competition, athletic training, team-building events and a character and leadership development program. In order for the team to effectively accomplish its purpose and objectives within the varied activities, FCA has developed a philosophy of FCA Teams. FCA expects the coach and adult leaders to commit and uphold the standards of this philosophy. Please note that FCA Teams can be an outreach to players who do not know Christ, so the statement of beliefs pertains only to the coach and adult leaders. All coaches must fill out the Commitment to FCA Teams Philosophy.

FCA Power Coaches and Team Leader Commitment
All coaches and adult leaders of FCA Teams understand and agree with the following statement of beliefs for FCA Teams:

  • FCA believes that the Bible is God’s “Game Plan for Life,” and that it contains relevant and valid guidelines for each of our lives.
  • It is not only important for FCA Teams to strive for “victory in competition” but also for “victory in life.”
  • FCA believes this “ultimate victory” can be attained through the application of the Bible to every aspect of our lives, which includes our sports, personal character and leadership opportunities.
  • FCA believes that this team and everything involved with it belongs to God, because He is the One who has given us our athletic and coaching abilities. We can use these athletic and coaching abilities in a way that demonstrates our thankfulness to God.

FCA Power Teams Agreement
All participants of FCA Teams understand and agree with the following goals of FCA Teams:
1. To provide quality sports instruction in the following areas:

  • Proper warm-up and warm-down procedures
  • Proper fundamentals
  • Proper techniques for executing the game
2. To work out, train, practice and compete with the proper attitudes, approaching the sport with heart, desire, dedication, drive, motivation, intensity and enjoyment.

3. To facilitate an environment conducive to hard work and maximum effort, in the context of fun, seeking to develop good habits and a solid work ethic

4. To provide a positive team experience, emphasizing the importance of FCA Core Values: Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence

5. To prepare players for higher levels of future sports programs

6. To prepare the players and coaches for life by:
  • Emphasizing character and leadership development
  • Using game experiences to teach life principles
  • Teaching athletes how to be positive role models
  • Helping the athletes along their journey to adulthood
7. To facilitate an environment where the families learn and grow with the athletes

8. To provide opportunities for the athletes and coaches to reach out to the community

FCA Power Players Agreement
In order for our team to fulfill the goals stated above, each player will commit to:

1. Maintaining a teachable spirit and flexible attitude…be a listener and learner

2. Willingly submit to the leadership entrusted with the responsibility of managing, coaching, instructing and developing this team by following the policies and goals stated in the Team Code of Character and Conduct

3. Paying the entire amount of my dues on time

4. Making his or her life available for growth through whatever demands and opportunities this team may bring

5. Committing to growing in his or her sports abilities, personal character and skills for life

FCA Baseball  Leadership Board

Frank Williams, Chairman

Bob Ferretti

Greg Glover

Matt Carlson

Rich Varona

Mark Ferguson