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How does the Christian mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes affect the way camp is run?
Our staff takes care of your children in a God-honoring manner. We share stories and lessons from the Bible daily. Our coaches share their personal testimonies of how God changed their lives. We seek excellence in all that we do as a way of honoring God.

What are the typical ages/skill levels at camp?
Ages range from 5-14 and since FCA camps are open to everyone, each camp varies with regard to the level of play.

How are the kids grouped? What if my child is more advanced for his/her age?
The campers are grouped by age to begin. They will remain in that group for the first day. The coaches are good at challenging kids at their own level and players at any skill level need to practice fundamentals. If the coach feels they should be in a different group for an additional challenge that can be arranged the next day.

Can my camper be placed in a group with a friend/sibling?
Campers are placed in groups by age. If they are the same age, you can request that they be put into the same group. Teams/groups are formed about one week from the start of the camp and requests should be made at this time.

What does a typical camp day schedule look like?
Camp starts out with morning skill stations in their age groups. In these stations they focus on skill work and possibly use games to reinforce the skill instruction. The camp breaks for water periodically throughout the morning. Coach’s testimonies are presented during those times as well. Lunch and bible time are in the middle of the camp day. The afternoon session consists of world series games. The campers will compete on their teams throughout the week and work towards the goal of winning the World Series final game at the end of the week.

What happens if it’s very hot?
We know some summer days are very hot. We do our best to give the kids shade as often as possible and water breaks are constant on those hot days. We do not cancel camp for heat but we do try our best to make it as comfortable as we can. Please provide a water bottle for your child everyday and we will have plenty of water for refills.

What is the coach to camper ratio for supervision purposes?
We keep our camper/coach ratio small. Our team rosters are set at 10 and we provide a Lead instructor and an assistant instructor for every team. This keeps our camper/coach ratio at about 5/1.

Who will Coach my Child? What am I paying for?
We put on a quality camp with FCA Baseball Coaches who are trained in baseball Sports Ministry, local High School coaches, the Herndon Braves Coaching Staff, and the Herndon Brave collegiate players.  Camp funds will pay for the coaches.  Additionally, the Herndon Braves are a non-profit organization. Some camp funds go to help support the team's operating budget.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer a discount for all players who sign up before the early registration deadline!

How do I pick up my child at the end of the day?
Each camper is asked to stay on the premises until a parent or guardian picks them up. Also, during registration the first morning of camp you may give the names of those people who have permission to pick up your child at the end of the day.

What do you wear to a day of camp?
Campers should wear baseball attire (ie. shirt, baseball pants, cleats  and hat). Shorts are not recommended. Campers must have their own glove and they are encouraged to bring their own bat and helmet if they have one.

What happens if I need to cancel my camp registration?
Once you are registered, your full registration non-refundable. We will keep a $75 deposit.  If you have paid in full we can refund the remaining money after the deposit is withheld.

What should I bring to Camp
You definitely need to bring water or a sport’s drink to have during our break times. Sunscreen is also highly recommended. Campers may refill their water bottles from our water coolers if they run out. Campers are also encouraged to bring snacks for themselves to help them get through the day.