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About Northern Virginia FCA Baseball Camps

Our mission at NOVA FCA Baseball Camps is to help young athletes achieve great success on and off of the baseball field.

We accomplish this by offering a high level of professional instruction. We also take time each day of camp to do a short Character Value Study from the Bible.

About Our Staff
Our staff at NOVA FCA Baseball Camps has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to playing the game. All of our lead instructors bring real life High School and College baseball playing and coaching experience that will greatly impact your kids. Our instructors not only have a love for the game of baseball, but also a desire to see young players succeed and have fun in the process.

A Note from the Director
Many things set NOVA FCA Baseball Camps apart from the other camps made available to you in the Northern Virginia area. At NOVA FCA Baseball Camp we have a strong desire to see kids develop and advance their careers in baseball. What your child learns now is shaping their future in the game. Many will go on to play high school baseball, some will go on to college ball, and some may have the privilege to play professional baseball.

It is important to us at NOVA FCA Baseball Camp to teach how developing discipline and character on the field can greatly impact your child’s life beyond the game. Baseball is a great environment to develop these values. As much as I love the game of baseball there is much more to life than baseball. At some point every players career will eventually came to an end. At NOVA FCA Baseball Camp we teach each player to love the game and play it to the best of the individuals ability. We also teach the kids that there is something bigger than baseball that we should put our faith and hope in. Baseball is a game of great success, but also a game of great failure. If we put our hope and faith in the game of baseball it will let us down. Whether it’s a strikeout, getting cut from the team, or a career ending injury, we have to develop our character along with our skills. When a player can achieve this only then are they truly prepared for what pitch might be thrown their way.

We look forward to having your player enjoy our camp, our staff, and the knowledge they will take from being with us! It will be an experience they will never forget. God Bless Your Day!

Todd Burger | Camp Director

A Greater Purpose
In baseball everybody wants to be a "MVP" on the diamond.

The truth is that we all have an invitation to be an "MVP". When Jesus Christ died on the cross He not only saved us from our sin, but offered us an invitation to be with Him forever in Heaven. (John 3:16)

While it is important to give it our best on the playing field, when we die it won't matter how many homeruns we hit or how many strikeouts we accumulated. What will matter, is whether we accepted "the call from the bullpen" from God who created us.

History of NOVA FCA Baseball Camps
NOVA FCA Baseball is derived from the FCA Power Baseball camps, an idea from Denny Smith and his desire to use the platform of baseball to impact the youth in his community. He wanted to create an environment where kids could not only get great coaching from local High School baseball players, but they would also see how to live a life that would bring them success beyond the playing field.